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Pig/Hog Swine is bad food for us!
Pig/Hog Swine is bad food for us! The bible forbids the swine and it's not good for African American.
That true pork is never healthy to eat. I can remember when at a younger age it gave me headache and other pain.
Porky pig isn't good for food. Shy
(02-06-2022, 10:24 PM)FoxyBrown Wrote: Porky pig isn't good for food. Shy

  OK!!! No more bacon and pepperoni for me Sad
You better not eat that ham either.
There are a lot of fast-food eating places that have lard (pig fat) in their food; and other ingredients, so stay away from it too.
We are the original people of the earth. The real and true faces of the Motherland!
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